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Who are we?

e-vision labs, located in Trivandrum, was started with the vision of enabling career aspirants and professionals with cutting edge technologies and skill sets required to succeed in the ever changing IT industry.

We provide industry based software training that will help our students to start a new career or excel in their existing one. We are obliged to give you the best possible job oriented training in latest technologies, software's and tools.

Our faculties have several years of industry experience and they can mentor you in all aspects. We have tie up with many major IT companies to help them in staffing.


Unlike other training institutes our method is not just to advice people how to live a life or succumb to a particular standard .Our Key areas of focus is to give you freedom of thought, expression and build your own tenets for your IT path. We have processes, resources, and state of the art facilities par excellence to arrogate and display but we don't advertise our method too much that it curbs yours and our spontaneity . Lack of a method is our inspiration. It’s not the intra extra mural education you learn from us, it’s all about how you observe and pick from our daily interactions.

We are not advertising a school or a training platform but eventually you will be graduating in your own class of passion without even knowing. Identifying what best suits your path and facilitating is our job but you are the master of your life and we will make you think and be competitive of your own strengths and weakness .Nobody can think ahead of time , only in time and in time we promise to bring out an attitude in you to seek excellence. Your learning with us is just a tool but it cannot bereft of your sense. We will teach you to apply but when and how is your job. We will facilitate anything required for you to excel in your travel with us.
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As one of the fastest growing software training institute in trivandrum, we believe in providing seamless solutions based on leading edge techniques, supported by scientific facts and background, delivered professionally by our certified and accredited trainers.

Modus operandi is simple end to end process to develop our training programs. The key to the success of this approach is that we interact, narrate collaborate with our clients at each and every step that ensures attention to detail .We promise only what you can deliver and we will you competitive and ready. That’s our key note and promise. Our deliverable s and training program is the main impetus and our voice and idea should be received by the intended audience and will meet / exceed the organization's required outcomes.